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About Austin Firearm Defense Tactics

Heath Austin


       I have been employed in the Department of Corrections since 1993, after working as a corrections officer for 4 years, I was asked to become a Self Defense Instructor of our facility to teach basic self-defense techniques. I became a certified Self-Defense Instructor for the Kansas Department of Corrections in 1997. I then went on to become a certified self-defense instructor by the Federal Bureau of Prisons Training Academy November 5th 1998.  The tactics taught are self-defense awareness and basic combat. I was then selected to be a Master Self Defense Instructor for the Kansas Department of Corrections. I am now part of a team that trains and certifies new Self Defense Instructors for the Kansas Department of Corrections. 


       In 1995 I became part of the Facility Special Response Team and the Crowd Control Team, eventually becoming part of the Hostage Extraction Team in 2000. I was promoted to commander of the Hostage Extraction Team, where I have served  for 10yrs. During that time I attended a SWAT certification training through the Russell Sheriff Department. I have been a Certified Firearms Instructor for the State of Kansas Department of Corrections since 2006. In 2016 became a certified NRA Basic Handgun Instructor.  


       In 1994 I became a part of the Volunteer Fire Dept. in the small town I live in and also became a certified EMT and Fire Fighter I certified. In 2000 I was promoted to the Fire Chief and still currently hold the position.

Cody Austin

        New NRA Certified Basic Handgun Instructor to the company. He is currently active with the Air National Guard. 

        We both are very dedicated to teach you how to safely and properly, handle and operate your firearms, so that you can feel confident that you have the Skills, Training and Knowledge to protect yourself and your family.
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