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Concealed Carry Classes

​Concealed Carry Classes are designed for those people that have a good understanding of firearms and are proficient with the operation and shooting of the weapon of your choice. If you have limited knowledge or have never shot a firearm prior to taking this class it is strongly recommended that you attend a basic firearms operations and training course. For more information on these class check out the Basic Firearms Instruction link below.​

Basic Firearms Instruction

Basic firearms instruction is designed to teach people to safely and properly handle firearms. We will go over proper storage, cleaning of your firearm. We will also cover the safety issue and proper operations of your firearm. 

Concealed Carry Classes


This a required 8 hr. course and must be completed before you can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit, and provides the required training to obtain  a Concealed Carry Permit. This course is a permit qualification course and is conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Kansas. All instructors have been approved and are licensed by the Office of the Attorney General in the State of Kansas to teach this course.

This class consists of training in Safety, Gun Handling and Operations, Marksmanship, Storage, Transportation and Maintenance of Firearms, Legal Issues and Concealed Carry Laws.

You must pass a 30 question written test and a range proficiency test.

Equipment needed is firearm of your choice and ammunition (50-100 rds.), eye and ear protection.

Course Requirement:

  5 rounds @ 3 yrds (9ft) one handed

10 rounds @ 7 yrds (21ft) two handed

10 rounds @ 10 yrds (30ft) two handed

Must hit 18 out of 25 in target area to pass.

All courses of fire will be fired at a TQ-15 Target

Course Registration Form and Full Payment must be received to reserve your seat in this class. We do not take verbal reservations for this class.

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